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Some important questions to ask while buying a flat

When you decide to buy a flat, you already know you are going to make one of the biggest investments of your life. You are investing years of your savings and you should be making a wise purchase decision. So, if you have finally made a decision to buy a flat, there are a few important questions to ask from the builder/seller of the flat. Asking these questions is important so that you have a clear idea of documentation, possessions, quality of construction, and more.

Things to ask while buying a flat

Once you have finalized the location and visited the flat, asking these questions can make things easy.

Know the reason for selling


You must be wondering why do you need to know the reason for selling? What difference will it make? Well, knowing the reason can be beneficial for property buyers.. For instance, you are buying a flat from someone who wants to relocate and has very limited time, you can get a handsome discount on your purchase if you are good at negotiations.

Is there any available/upcoming offer?

Real estate, being a highly competitive industry, developers often come with exciting offers on flats, and you should also reap the benefits of any available or upcoming offers. Remember that festive seasons can help you get the best deals if there are any upcoming offers, and you can wait for a while, it will help you find the best deal.

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How much the property price has increased or decreased in a certain time?

The value of a property can go both ways, though investing in real estate is mostly considered to be safe. Still, if you know about how much the value of your flat has increased or decreased in a period of let’s say 5 years, this will give you a good idea about the real estate market condition in that particular area.

What are the other things you get?

Real estate developers offer a wide variety of other facilities such as access to swimming pool and gym, club house, library and more. Know about all the other things that you are getting and this will help you know the right details about your purchase.

Questions about safety and security

Knowing about the safety and security in the building is a prime necessity. Is the building secure to live? Do you have security guards to secure you and your loved ones and your precious vehicle? Do you have fire alarms and emergency exists? Knowing all these details is very important while buying a flat.

Are there any additional/hidden charges?

After paying for everything that you are supposed to, if you will come to know that there are some additional charges or processing fees, it can be unacceptable as you didn’t know it before making a purchase. You can ask the developer about the hidden charges in a clear way and this will keep hassles away.

The bottom line

So, now when you know some important questions to ask while buying a flat, get these answers and you will be able to make a wise purchase decision.